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The merits and demerits of using deschloroketamine

The dissociatives are a kind of hallucinogenic drugs which create a dreamlike virtual state for the user by blocking conscious signals to the brain.  The user would start having a peculiar trance like state and lose his senses with the reality, at least for the time being. One among them is the descholoroketamine which has often met with mixed reviews from the users.  Using these kinds of drugs on a prolonged basis can seriously injure your health and thinking prowess so it is always better to know the good and bad about them.

Detailed description

The DCK as it is known in abbreviation is one kind of dissociative anesthetic which comes from the arylcyclohexylamine class.  It is mainly used for veterinary treatment purposes and human medical care.  It is sold in both multi-dose vials or in the form of evaporated salts. These are some of the forms in which they are found for veterinary care or human treatment.

Positive effects

Ego death is a very positive impact of using  this drug. It has even been considered a pain suppressant and is often found as reducing the patient to a high level of ecstasy.  Reports have also suggested that if you take this drug in relatively low dosages like say twenty to thirty mg, it also serves as an anti-depressant.

Negative impacts

Long term and a chronic utilization of this drug may result in psychosis.  There may be discomfort in the bladder and lower urinary tract.  If you notice such health issues, it is recommended to discontinue the dosage immediately.


You may think that stopping the medicine dosage will return your life condition to normal immediately. However while physical or major effects may subside shortly, the psychological impact created can take much longer to diminish.


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